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How do I display links to full-text journal/book holdings when using EBSCO Discovery Service?

Library Journal/Book Holdings:

We can configure your EBSCO Discovery Service to display links to your link resolver for those titles your library holds in full text. This allows us to also flag these results as full text when users click the "Full Text" or "Available in Library Collection" limiters. In order to allow your users to discover your full text holdings in EBSCO Discovery Service, it is helpful to provide an export file of your link resolver holdings. It is not necessary to include any of your EBSCO database, journal or e-book subscriptions in this file, as we will automatically load those holdings for you. This file may be formatted as Excel, tab-delimited or comma-delimited file format and should include the following information:

Selecting Full Packages:

If you subscribe to a full package from a Vendor, the entire package can be selected in Holdings Management. Please see Holdings Management - Adding or Removing Packages from Your Holdings.

For assistance with selecting your full databases or packages, (subscriptions that include all journals and all date ranges in that package), please include the following information in your file:

  • Publisher/Vendor Name
  • Package or Database Name
  • Example URL to a title

Please utilize the FTF – Full Package Subscriptions file to note Vendor and Package Subscriptions for us to activate. If you can include an example URL to a title in the package it will assist us in identifying the correct package within Holdings Management as sometimes the package names do not align with 100% accuracy.

Uploading Title Lists:

For any individual journals/books, package subsets, or select titles or select date ranges that you subscribe to, please include following information in your file:

  • Title
  • Database or Package Name (or Publisher Site, if not part of a package)
  • Resource URL (Note:  Files that contain the resource URL can be processed more quickly and accurately, though files can be loaded without resource URLs if necessary.)
  • ISSN (ISBN for book holdings)
  • Coverage Start Date (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Coverage End Date (MM/DD/YYYY) For book holdings, this should be the publication year.
  • Embargo

Please utilize the FTF – Partial Package Title List file to note the titles you have access to from each of your partial vendor packages. 

If you are currently working with a Discover Solutions Coordinator on your EBSCO Discovery Service implementation please provide your file(s) to them. Otherwise, please refer to the following pages or contact Customer Support:

Holdings Management - Adding or Removing Packages from Your Holdings

Holdings Management - Uploading Your Holdings

The attached Upload templates will assist you in providing us with the requested information.

Download: FTF – Full Package Subscriptions

DownloadFTF – Partial Package Title List