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Holdings Management and the EDS Available in Library Collection Limiter

A key feature of EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) is the ability to limit search results to items available in your library via the Available in Library Collection limiter (AiLC). When enabled, the AiLC limiter in EDS allows users to limit search results to records with full text available online (via EBSCOhost full text databases, as well as e-journals, institutional repositories, data partners, etc.) and content physically available in your library.

The limiter is driven by a local collection added to your EDS profile. A local collection is a group of titles defined by you, held locally by your library. When a local collection is set up in EBSCOadmin, a file is created that describes the collection and tells EBSCO which titles are included in your collection. The local collection is then assigned to the EDS profile in EBSCOadmin so when a user searches records in EDS, with the limiter selected, the results are focused to include only titles you have defined as belonging to your collection.

The local collection used by the AiLC limiter in your EDS profile is built from a knowledgebase of your items. In order to create the local collection for your EDS profile, your Holdings Management account must be populated with your library’s holdings. The Discovery Services team will ensure that your Holdings Management and EBSCO Discovery Service profile is linked in EBSCOadmin, so that any holdings updates made in Holdings Management are reflected in the local collection for EDS.

Keep in mind it is not your local holdings that determine the content that is searchable within EDS. Your holdings in Holdings Management simply determine what EDS content is available for your users in your institution’s collection, either online or via a physical item held by your library. For more information about where the records EDS searches are derived, please see the following FAQ:

What content is included in my EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) profile?

If your library subscribes to a third-party knowledgebase product such as SFX or Serial Solutions 360, please see the following information sheet:

Available in Library Collection limiter for Serial Solutions & SFX Customers