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EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) - Pub Type / Doc Type / Source Type Quick Reference Guide

EBSCO Discovery Service™ (EDS) identifies records by Publication Type, Document Type, and Source Type.

For information on defining EDS Custom Catalog Publication Types, please click here

Publication Types  allow a user to search specific classifications of publications, such as periodicals, newspapers, or books. Publication Types are assigned to records in a database and are searchable by the field tag PT (phrase indexed). In EDS, Publication Types are represented by the icons shown on pages 2-3 of the attached guide. 

Document Types allow a user to search specific classifications of articles within a publication, such as editorials, interviews, or theses. Included in a record’s metadata, Document Type is searchable by the field tag PZ (phrase indexed).

Source Types are facets that simplify or expand search results within EDS. When you conduct a search, you will see Source Types in the left-hand column of your result list. When an institution’s catalog items are loaded during EDS set-up, Publication and Document Types “roll up,” or are assigned, to Source Types. (Please see the chart below for these assignments.) Although Source Types combine publication type and/or document types, they are not directly searchable. And since Source Types are made up of multiple publication types, a specific record may appear under both. However, some Source Type customization is possible for use in EDS with the Catalog Only Limiter.

For more detailed information, download this documenten_pub_doc_source_types_quickrefguide.pdf

Note: Publication Type and Document Type using the EDS API are identified with the Field Code "PT" or "PZ" respectively. For information about searching with Field Codes using the API, please visit the EDS Wiki.

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