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Suggested EBSCO Discovery Service Profile Settings for Corporate Institutions

The following EBSCOadmin settings are recommended for optimizing EBSCO Discovery Service profiles for Corporate institutions.

Searching sub-tab
  • Default Keyword Search Screen
    Generally, the Basic Search screen works best for corporate learning profiles because customized learning templates can be applied. The Advanced Search screen works best for corporate researchers who require various search choices to be presented when seeking out specifically targeted content. From the drop-down list, select either Basic, Advanced, or Visual Search. (The selections vary depending on the interface attached to the profile.)

  • Show ‘Create Alert’ button
    Enabling this feature allows corporate users to create personalized alerts with a single click. Anytime new content is posted to the database that matches the user’s search criteria, they will receive an email. Alerts are a good way to promote usage because they serve to draw users to the site based on new and relevant content becoming available. Select Yes to display the Create Alert button to allow users to create a search alert from the search screen.

  • Stop at Choose Database Screen before accessing Search screen
    Because the EBSCOhost corporate learning solutions target pre-defined, prescribed content sourced from various databases, it is not necessary for users to selectively choose a database. Thus, it is recommended that this option be set to NO for corporate learners. This option works best for the corporate researcher who wants to target a particular database(s) using specific search criteria.

Viewing sub-tab
  • Page Layout
    Indicate which columns will appear by default on the result list display. While a default can be set in EBSCOadmin, an end user has the ability to change this setting in their preferences. A two-column display with the left column suppressed generally offers a favored, easy-to-read Search Results list for corporate learning applications. Because the left column contains facets — such as Source Types, Subject Headings, Thesaurus and NAICS/Industry codes — to aid in searching, a three-column display is recommended for the corporate researcher.

  • Allow Viewing of Video Results
    If the database supports video, indicate whether the video content should be available to users.

  • Allow Download/Streaming of Mp3 Content
    If the database supports audio content, indicate whether the audio content should be available to users to download or stream. Enabling this feature is recommended for those users who want offline and/or mobile access to audio recordings. Audio recordings are provided for journal/magazine articles and business book summaries. Users can choose from an American, Australian, or British accent.

  • Number Of Results Per Page
    Defines the default number of items that are displayed on a page of search results for a user in this profile.

  • Result List View
    This determines if the items on the result list will be a brief citation, a detailed citation, or the title of the article only. (Defaults to Brief.) The standard citation generally offers an optimal display for the corporate user.

  • Preferred Order of Formats for Title Link
    Click Modify to indicate the order in which you want to present available results when the title link is selected. A result may be available in any of these formats: Citation, HTML Full Text, PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format), and Page Viewer Full Text. The preferred ordering scheme for corporate users would be:

    • Corporate learner (PDF, HTML Full Text, Citation)
    • Corporate researcher (Citation, HTML Full Text, PDF)
Delivery Options
  • Export up to 5000 records
    EBSCOhost offers the ability to export up to 5,000 search results at once. This feature benefits those organizations who are interested in conducting their own search and semantic analysis on the data using proprietary or third-party software within their network. For more information on how this feature can be enabled, contact Technical Support at 800-758-5995.

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