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EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) Partner Database Questionnaire - English

The Partner Database Questionnaire

One of the key aspects of your EDS purchase is the opportunity to search across an always expanding number of records we receive and index directly from publishers. While a majority of content is available through our core indexes, we have  permission to build separate databases for EDS from a number of publishers.  These databases comprise a set of content we call Partner Databases, which are represented in the "Content Provider" facet when you limit searches within EDS.

It is important to note that the Partner Databases are not representative of all of the content you will be searching in your EDS profile.  We have several different indexes that are used, including ones for your EBSCOhost full-text and bibliographic databases.  This form is designed only to assist us in customizing the portion of your collection that is considered EDS Partner Database content.  For a complete listing of the content included in your EDS profile, click here.

To proceed directly to the questionnaire, click here.

Linking Information

Since the items in our Partner Databases are resources not directly available from EBSCO, you will want to enable seamless access to the full-text, or object, from each provider. If you are already doing this with your EBSCO database products, for items that EBSCO does not provide full-text, we will set up similar access in your EDS profile. There are two methods of setting up links to your resources:

  • CustomLinks: As service to our customers, EBSCO has created a library of preformatted links called CustomLinks. When it is known that an account has access to an item, either because it is Open Access, or because you have subscribed to the resource, a CustomLink can be enabled in EBSCOadmin to take users from the EDS record to the complete item on the publishers site. We highly recommend using CustomLinks to access the Partner Databases because our CustomLinks take advantage of a publisher-provided linking solution which is considered to be the most reliable method of directing users.
  • Link Resolver: To link to items not covered in the Partner Database Questionnaire we will use your link resolver, such as Full Text Finder. A link resolver is software that accepts properly formed OpenURL data and uses it to direct users to a known item. It is configured by an administrator to check access to the item and provide the options for accessing it. During your set-up, if necessary, a Discovery Services Coordinator will ask you to provide a full-text journal holdings file, which will be used to link the remainder of your full-text content.

Partner Content

There are three types of Partner Content, each of which has options available in the categories of English Resources and Multilingual Resources. You will be asked about each type of resource for each category. Note that Multilingual have a majority, if not all, records in a language other than the English language.

In order to make it easier to complete the questionnaire take a moment to think generally about each type of content in your profile prior to beginning.

  • Open Access Resources: EDS currently provides the opportunity to include several Open Access resource records to your profile. These resources are freely available on the internet directly from their providers; you do not need a subscription to access the items. You may want to include some or all of these resources.
  • Subscription-Based Resources: Databases where a subscription is needed to access the full-text of the record. There are selected resources that will allow you to keep the metadata on your profile, even if you are not a subscriber. Others are restricted and only provide metadata to subscribers of both EDS and the selected resource, known as our mutual customers. The questionnaire will tell you which resources are for mutual customers only.
  • Partner Catalogs & Indexes: These resources contain only basic bibliographic information with a primary purpose of providing citation information for research purposes. Therefore, there is no searchable full-text and no ability to CustomLink to full-text, however CustomLinking may be available to link to the citation on the native interface.

Once you have completed the Partner Questionnaire, if you need to make any changes to your selections you can contact us at

Click here to access the Partner Database Questionnaire