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Do EDS customers have influence over the relevance ranking of the results list?

EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) is tuned for relevance ranking across the breadth of content types, with varying levels of available metadata, including catalogs and repositories.  Note that even though catalogs and repositories are tuned to have records ranked appropriately within the breadth of content types in EDS, we recognize that sometimes customers want to raise or lower the relevance of their specific content and we strive to accommodate those requests.

However,  no customer has the ability to adjust the general ranking algorithms,  or to elevate a specific record(s) in the result list.  Changes to catalogs and repositories work on each data set in its entirety not on a particular record within the data set. That is to say, if a customer wants the catalog records to always appear high in the results list, the catalog weighting within the relevance scoring algorithm will be raised, and catalog records will float higher in the result list for all searches.


As we work to continually improve relevance ranking our search engine and database teams work to improved scoring algorithms, which improve results for all customers.