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When and how should I submit titles I have authorized?

Once you have authorized titles, Submit Authorized Renewals displays in the Renewals menu. This option submits authorized titles to the ordering system, and those titles can no longer be changed. This action commits your organization to the resulting invoices. Submit titles only when you have finished working with them.

Recommended: Submit titles when you are completely finished with the renewal list or submit them in groups. Example: Finish working renewals for a specific subscriber, HEGIS, or account. (Do not submit one title at a time or one title per day.)

  1. To confirm authorized renewals, select Renewals Authorized and Processed from the Renewals menu.

  2. Select Submit Authorized Renewals from the Renewals menu. A message that you are about to submit all authorized renewals displays.

  3. Click Confirm. All authorized renewals are then set for processing. To cancel this action, click Cancel.


Note: Once a title has been submitted, no modifications can be made to that renewal through EBSCONET. Please contact your EBSCO customer service representative (CSR) for more information.