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How do I place a claim on EBSCONET if I do not know the order number?

If you do not know the order number, use Orders to find the order for placing the claim:

To use Orders to find your order number:

  1. Click Orders on the main menu. The Orders page displays.

  2. Complete as much information as possible in the text fields provided (or leave blank).

  3. Click Search. The Orders page refreshes with a list of orders meeting the search criteria. The order number is listed in the results grid.

  4. To place a claim on the order, click the Title Name. The Order Details page displays.

  5. Click Claim this Order. The New Claim page displays with the Title Name, Publisher Name, and Reference and Order Information fields auto-populated.

  6. Enter the Volume/Issue Claimed and enter information about the specific issue being claimed in the Comments to Publisher field.

  7. Click Submit to enter the claim. A message displays indicating that the claim has been added.

For further assistance, click Help at the top of any page on the EBSCONET system.