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Support - EBSCO Help

I just downloaded a special report from EBSCONET. Instead of PDF, TXT, or XLS, the file has a ZIP extension, and I am unable to open it. What do I do?

Some EBSCONET report files are provided as zipped or compressed files to decrease the download time and to use less disk space. They need to be unzipped or decompressed in order to view the information. There are numerous utilities on the market available for unzipping files. Decompress, extract, expand, and unzip all refer to the same process of opening a zipped file. Each utility refers to the zip process differently. Most zip programs have "wizards" to lead you through the process step by step.

Users with Windows XP and higher can use a built-in unzip utility and will not need to install additional software. Other users will need an unzip utility in order to view the reports. A link for downloading and installing a decompression utility, ZIP Reader by PKWARE, is provided on each of the applicable EBSCONET report pages. General instructions for unzipping the files are available by clicking Help on the EBSCONET Report Request pages. You can also consult the help section of your particular program.