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EBSCONET® is EBSCO’s comprehensive subscription management platform, specifically designed to help you manage each step of the subscription life cycle. You can easily access the EBSCO title database, featuring more than 355,000 titles from publishers worldwide, with the ability to order publications directly from the title details page.

You can efficiently order and renew all titles for your library with complete title information in one location, including publisher information, links to alternative formats, package details, publisher terms and conditions, rates, and a five-year order history for your reference.



  • Select: content, pricing and access options for more than 355,000 titles worldwide
  • Acquire: secure, online ordering of print and electronic journals and e-packages
  • Integrate: shared knowledge base with EBSCO’s access tools
  • Administer: check-in and claims, tracking of activation and licensing, automatic notification of changes to e-journals
  • Evaluate: reports and online tools for analyzing serials collections, including expenditures, subject coverage and management information
  • Renew: e-journals, e-packages, and print subscriptions—all from the same platform

Interested in finding out more about how EBSCONET can benefit your institution? Contact your EBSCO Regional Office for more information.