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Local Check-In: I'm searching Check in Issues, but can't find what I'm looking for.

The questions below can point you in the right direction and save you time in assessing whether or not Local Check-In is displaying as expected.


Has the current order been assigned for check-in?
In order to check in issues, you must first select which EBSCO orders you would like to manage with Local Check-In. Renewal orders (where previous orders were assigned) are not automatically assigned for Local Check-In; after your renewal orders have been processed, be sure to reassign these for check-in if you wish to continue tracking those titles.


Has 24 hours passed since the order was assigned for check-in?
EBSCONET will update orders with predicted issue information within 24 hours (if information is available).


Do you have a current order that covers the issue(s) in question?
Gaps between orders will cause issues to not be available in Local Check-In.


Does EBSCO provide volume and issue information for the title?
The Title Details page on EBSCONET displays this information. (See below)


Is this title published on a regular frequency?
This information is also posted on the Title Details page on EBSCONET (See below). If the title is not published with a predictable frequency, a prediction model cannot be generated; therefore, an issue listing will not appear within Local Check-In.

Title Details


If after answering yes to all these questions, you are still unable to locate issues for check-in, contact EBSCO Customer Satisfaction for assistance. Support is available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday.