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How does the interactive Claim Checker work?

An interactive Claim Checker is available on EBSCONET®, EBSCO's web-based subscription management system. This feature allows EBSCONET users to manage claims and update Claim Checker reports online.

Interactive Claim Checker advantages:

  • Customers have access to up-to-date dynamic claim-checker information.
  • Claim-checker information is no longer restricted to monthly updates.
  • Customers can work claims anytime during the month since claims will be continuously updated during that time.

Customers currently using EBSCONET who are interested in adding the interactive Claim Checker to their EBSCONET account should contact their EBSCO regional office.

If you are not currently using EBSCONET and are interested in this serials management system, please contact your EBSCO regional office.

To sign up for complimentary online training on EBSCONET or other EBSCO Web-based services, visit