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How can I retrieve usage reports for Dynamic Health?

Available to administrators with access to EBSCOadmin, the Dynamic Health Usage Summary report compiles sessions, searches, and content views from your institution's Dynamic Health usage.

To run a Dynamic Health Usage Summary report:

  1. Log in to EBSCOadmin at

  2. Click Reports & Statistics in the tool bar at the top of the screen.

  3. Click Dynamic Health Usage Summary in the Dynamic Health box.

    Dynamic Health box on Reports & Statistics screen

  4. Reporting Period - Click the date range field to select a reporting period or create a custom date range for your report, then click Apply.

    Reporting Period drop-down menu

  5. Delivery - Select to Download the report when it is complete from the Download Reports tab or choose the E-mail option to fill in your e-mail address, a subject line, frequency (one-time or scheduled monthly) and the desired Format (MS Excel or tab delimited).

  6. Click Create Report for Download to generate your report.

  7. Once the report has been generated, click the Download Reports tab above the Report Type drop-down menu and click the hyperlinked report format to download.


Report Fields

Sample Downloaded Report

The following fields are available on the Usage Summary report:

  • Sessions - A Session is logged any time a user accesses Dynamic Health.

  • Searches - A Search is logged when a user executes a keyword search using the search box in Dynamic Health.

  • Content Views Total - Total number of logged Guide, Checklist, Video and Image views for the selected time period.

  • Guide Views - Guide views are logged when a user navigates to a Dynamic Health skill guide by clicking a guide link in search results or accessing a guide directly from the search box.

  • Checklist Views - Checklist views are logged when a user explicitly selects the checklist link from either the results display, or from the navigation menu within a guide.

  • Video Views - Video views are logged when a user views a video from the result list screen or from within a skill guide.

  • Image Views - Image views are logged when a user clicks to enlarge an image from the right column of the result list, the Images tab in results, or within a skill guide.