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Using the Dynamic Health Mobile App - FAQs

The information on this page details how to use the Dynamic Health app on your iOS or Android device. For information on how to install and authenticate the app, please see: How do I install and authenticate the Dynamic Health app on my mobile device?


Q. How do I search the app for Dynamic Health skills?

To search the Dynamic Health app:

  1. Open the app and tap the search box on the screen to begin typing your terms. As you type, skills matching your terms appear.

  2. Select a Dynamic Health skill under Go To to go directly to the skill or select a search term under Search For to view a result list.

To perform a new search at any time, tap the Search icon search icon.


Q. How do I browse the Dynamic Health app by category?

To browse the Dynamic Health app by category:

  1. Open the app and tap a category (Nursing Skills, Allied Health Skills, Transcultural Care Skills, or Patient Instruction Skills) button on the home screen.

  2. Continue to narrow your results by tapping sub-categories until you find the desired skill.

  3. Tap a hyperlinked title to view the skill.


Q. How do I view the sections of a Dynamic Health skill?

When viewing a Dynamic Health skill, you can select to view individual sections of the skill (Purpose, Red Flags, Procedure, etc.) by tapping the menu icon at the top right of the skill - index icon - android version (Android) or index icon - iOS version (iOS) and tapping a section name from the list.


Q. How do I share a Dynamic Health skill from the app?

You can create a PDF or print a Dynamic Health skill by tapping the share icon - share icon - iOS version (iOS) or share icon - android version (Android). Then tap Print or Create a PDF. Your device will create a PDF you can save and email or will search for a printer on your network.


Q. How do I leave a note on a Dynamic Health skill?

To leave a note on a Dynamic Health skill for your own reference at a later time, tap the Note icon note icon. Enter your note text and tap Save. When you have notes saved in the Dynamic Health app, the Note icon displays lines notes available icon to highlight that notes are available.


Q. How do I save a Dynamic Health skill to my favorites?

To save a Dynamic Health skill to your bookmarks, tap the Bookmark icon favorite icon. You can view your Bookmarks and History at any time by tapping the icon favorites added icon at the top of the screen.

You can remove a skill from your Bookmarks by tapping the bookmark icon remove bookmark icon again from within the skill.


Q. How do I check for updates for the Dynamic Health Mobile app?

The content is the Dynamic Health mobile app is automatically updated while the app is in use and you are online. If you have not used the app while online, you may want to force an update, which will install all content updates since your last online use.

To check for updates:

  1. Tap the menu icon in the upper right of the screen menu icon.

  2. Tap Update Status in the menu that appears on the screen.

  3. Select Check For Update to install all pending content updates.

A wireless signal is required to perform updates to the Dynamic Health content when updates become available.


Q. Can I use the Split View feature on the iPad with the Dynamic Health app?

If your iPad is running iOS version 10 or higher, the Split View multitasking feature can be used with the Dynamic Health app.


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