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Searching Dynamic Health

When searching Dynamic Health, you have the ability to view a result list of skills related to your search terms or go directly to a specific Dynamic Health skill guide when one matches your terms.

To search for skills in Dynamic Health:

  1. Begin entering your search term(s) in the search box.

    As you type, Dynamic Health skill guides and searches matching your terms appear below the search box.

    Enter search terms in search box

  2. Select a Dynamic Health skill under Go To to go directly to the skill guide or select a search term under Search For to view a result list.

    You can also click the magnifying glass icon button or press the Enter key on your keyboard at any time to view a result list.

  3. Dynamic Health displays a Result List. The skills in the Result List are ordered by relevance, based on the term you entered. Note that the term(s) might not exist in the skill title.

    If Videos or Images related to your search terms are available, you can view only those results using the tabs next to All.

    dynamic health results page

  4. Click a Dynamic Health skill to view the skill guide.


    When available, click a heading to go directly to that section of the guide.

    Dynamic Health skill section links