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Printing Skill Guides in Dynamic Health

When you find a Dynamic Health Skill Guide or Checklist you would like to take with you, you can easily print it out.

To print a Skill Guide or Checklist in Dynamic Health:

  1. When you've found a Skill Guide or Checklist you would like to print, click the Print link. Note: You can access the Checklist by clicking the Checklist tab.

    click Print link in Skill Guide

  2. Check the boxes of the sections of the Skill Guide you would like to print. Procedure Steps is pre-selected by default.

    Note: If your administrator has added notes to skill guide content for your institution's members, they are always included on your printout, regardless of the sections selected for printing.

  3. You can use the Select All and Deselect All links to print all sections or clear all selections.

    select the sections you wish to print

  4. Click the Print button and follow the prompts in your browser's Print dialog box to complete your print out.