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Emailing a link to a Dynamic Health Skill Guide

Dynamic Health offers the ability to share a link to Skills Guides and Checklists with other members of your institution via email.

To share a link to a Skill Guide or Checklist via email:

  1. Navigate to a Skill Guide you would like to share. To share the Checklist, first click the Checklist tab.

  2. Click the email link on the Guide or Checklist tab.

    click email link

  3. Fill in the fields in the Share via Email window.

    fill in email fields

    • Fill in your name in the From field and include the email address or addresses to which you want to share the Skill Guide in the To field.

    • Include a short Message in the field provided. (optional)

    • Check the I'm not a robot box.

  4. Click the Share button.