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DynaMed Plus - Claiming CME Credits

If your institution subscribes to DynaMed Plus with Tufts Continuing Medical Education, you can claim your Tufts CME credits in DynaMed Plus using the following steps.

To claim your Tufts Continuing Medical Education credits in DynaMed Plus:

  1. Sign into DynaMed Plus with your Personal Account credentials.

    Note: If you do not have a Personal Account, please first complete the steps found at: Signing up for a Personal Account to access DynaMed Plus.

  2. After logging in, note the Continuing Medical Education (CME) indicator in the toolbar. The number displayed indicates how many CME credits you have available to submit for a certificate of completion.

    CME indicator

  3. Search for DynaMed Plus topics of interest.

  4. As you read DynaMed Plus topics, CME credits for your topics are automatically added to the number in the toolbar to be submitted at a time of your choosing.

    CME credits added

  5. When you are ready to submit your available CME credits, click CME in the toolbar.

  6. Click the Prepare for Submission link for the Credits you would like to submit.

    click Prepare for Submission link

  7. On the What You Learned box, fill out the Required sections and add Optional comments in the field provided. Click OK.

    complete What You Learned box

  8. Prepare additional credits for submission or click the Submit button to go ahead and submit the credits you have prepared.

    Click submit button to submit prepared credits

  9. After your CME/CE request is successfully submitted, you receive an email with a copy of your certificate.

  10. Your credits are added to the Claimed Credits tab from which you can access a PDF copy of your certificate by clicking the PDF Certificate link.

    claimed credits tab