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DynaMed Plus - The Topic Page

Most DynaMed Plus topics are organized into standard sections to allow easy navigation. These sections vary depending on whether the topic is a disease or drug related.

The DynaMed Plus Condition topic summary sections are:

General Information Prevention and Screening
Epidemiology Quality Improvement
Etiology and Pathogenesis Guidelines and Resources
History and Physical Patient Information
Diagnosis ICD-9/ICD-10 Codes
Treatment References
Complications and Prognosis  


The DynaMed Plus MicroMedex Drug topic summary sections are:

Related Summaries Administration/Monitoring
Dosing & Indications How Supplied
Contraindications/Warnings Toxicology
Drug Interactions Clinical Teaching
Adverse Effects References
Class/US Availability Brands
Mechanism of Action/Pharmacokinetics  


DynaMed Plus Condition Summary

Upon opening a DynaMed Plus condition topic summary, you can go directly to any section by clicking a heading in the column on the left.

condition summary screen


DynaMed Plus MicroMedex Topic

When opening a DynaMed Plus MicroMedex topic, click any of the links in the column on the left to go directly to any section.

MicroMedex topic screen


  • Click the plus-icon (+) at the top of a condition summary or MicroMedex topic to view the most recent update to the topic.

    plus icon - expand for updates
  • When navigating a condition or drug summary, the section you are reading is noted at the top of the summary.

    topic summary breadcrumbs
  • You can use the scroll bar, arrow keys, or Page Up / Page Down buttons to navigate the topic page. Depending on your web browser, you might be able to use CTRL-Home and CTRL-End to jump to the beginning and end of a topic.