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DynaMed Plus - Affiliating with Multiple Institutions

Remote access to DynaMed Plus allows you to link your personal account to multiple institutions which may provide you access to DynaMed Plus. This is useful if you have valid access to DynaMed Plus through more than one institution, such as an employer, professional association, or other affiliation. This enables you to use the same user name and password to access all of the institutions to which you have linked your account.

When accessing your personal DynaMed Plus account remotely, you are authenticated to the primary institution through which you created your account. If your personal account is not yet linked to one of your affiliated institutions, login from a computer that’s within that institution’s IP address range to switch your affiliation. If you are outside the IP range of your preferred institution, you can use your institution's user ID and password, then login to your personal user account in order to re-affiliate your personal account.


Why do I not see my Continuing Education credits in my personal DynaMed Plus account?

If you do not see your Continuing Education (CE) credits in your personal DynaMed Plus account, it is because you have logged in and linked your account with an institution that does not offer CEs. Your CE credits are still in your account. You are just unable to see them while affiliated with that institution.

In order to see your CE credits, you simply need to log into the DynaMed Plus account that offers Continuing Education credits with an institutional login method (IP address from on site or institutional ID and password) and then log in to your personal account.

Note: The available links to EBSCOhost content may vary between institutional accounts you have affiliated with depending on subscriptions.


How can I tell which institution my account is currently affiliated with?

To determine which institution your account is affiliated with, click your account name in the toolbar at the top of the screen and select Update Account. The current institution is noted in the Institution field.