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DynaMed Plus - Search Other Services

The Search Other Services area on the DynaMed Plus (DMP) Home Page provides access to medical resources outside DMP. These resources might include other EBSCO services (such as an EBSCOhost profile or the SMART Imagebase), a hospital guidelines site, a hospital formulary site, or any other resources that are beneficial to nurses. When you click a link in the Search Other Services area, DMP displays the service in a new browser window.

Search Other Services

To use Search Other Services:

  1. Access the DynaMed Plus Home Page.

    Note: To access the DMP Home Page from any location in DMP, click the EBSCO Health logo at the top left of any screen.

  2. Review the list of Services in the Other Services area. 

  3. Click a Service link to access the service. DMP opens the service in a new browser window.


  • Links to Search Other Services resources are configured in EBSCOadmin by your DynaMed Plus administrator.

  • If there are no additional services to display, DynaMed Plus does not display the Search Other Services area on the Home Page.

  • You can include up to twenty links in the Other Services section.