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How do I install and authenticate the DynaMed Plus app on my mobile device?

The FAQs on this page detail how to install and authenticate the DynaMed Plus app. For information on how to use the app after you've installed it, please see: Using the DynaMed Plus app - FAQs.


Q. What are the mobile device requirements for the DynaMed Plus app?

The DynaMed Plus App for Apple iOS devices requires:

  • Any iPhone® or iPad® or iPod touch® running iOS 10.0 or higher
  • Requires at least 1.05GB of memory for the Full Install (full images downloaded)
    Requires at least 543MB of memory for the Partial Install (full images access via internet connection)
    Requires at least 110MB of memory for the Online Only Install. (all content and images accessible via internet connection.)

The DynaMed Plus App for Android devices requires:

  • Any Android device running Android 5.0 or higher
  • Requires at least 900MB of memory when installed with images
    Requires at least 500MB of memory when installed without images


Q. How do I download and authenticate the app on my device?

Begin by downloading the DynaMed Plus app from the iTunes or Google Play app store. After downloading, there are three ways to authenticate the app.

  1. Log in via your institution's network.

    Tap Institutional Network and then tap Authenticate to log in to the app if you are connected to your institution's Internal Network or Local Internet via Wi-Fi. Please note, this authentication type must first be enabled by your institution.

  2. Sign in with your Personal User Account to authenticate the app.

    Enter your personal user account credentials and tap the Sign In button.

    • Don’t have a Personal Account? Create one by accessing DynaMed Plus on the web through your institution and then selecting the Sign In/Create Account link in the top right hand corner of the screen.

  3. Send yourself an Access Link from within DynaMed Plus.

    To authenticate the DynaMed Plus app with an Access Link:

    • On the DynaMed Plus interface on your computer, click on the Get the DynaMed Plus Mobile App link in the Spotlight area.

    • Enter your e-mail address and click Send.

      An authentication link is e-mailed to you.

    • Open the e-mail from your mobile device and tap the authentication link to authenticate the app.

      Note: If you do not tap the authentication link in the e-mail within 48 hours you will need to request a new authentication key from within DynaMed Plus.

After you log in, you are prompted to install via one of the following options:

  • Online Only: Use the app only while connected to the internet.

  • Partial Install: Store text and image thumbnails on your device. Full images are available when you are connected to the internet. This option helps you save space on your device.

  • Full Install: Store all DynaMed Plus content on your device. You do not need to be connected to the internet to access content on the app.

Note: It is recommended that you are on a Wi-Fi connection for the initial download of DynaMed Plus content as well as when updates become available.


Q. Can I install the DynaMed Plus app on multiple devices?

Yes. Your Personal Account credentials can authenticate the DynaMed Plus app on up to three separate devices.


Q. Can I access DynaMed Plus app if I do not have a subscription?

Yes, Guest Access allows non-subscribers to try out the DynaMed Plus app for up to thirty minutes, five times a month.

To access the app as a guest, tap the Access DynaMed Plus as a Guest button on the authentication screen.


Q. Can I use the DynaMed Plus app offline?

After installing the app and downloading the partial or full install of  DynaMed Plus content, the app can be used offline without a wireless signal. Full images are not available with the partial install. A wireless signal is required to perform updates to the DynaMed Plus content when updates become available.


Q. Does the DynaMed Plus app authentication expire?

Your Personal Account credentials will authenticate the app for 6 months. After that time, the app will prompt you to reenter your active credentials.


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