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How do I configure a proxy server for use with DynaMed and DynaMed Plus?

Administrators can set up proxy servers for use with DynaMed and DynaMed Plus. First, a proxy definition must be set up in EBSCOadmin. Then, that proxy definition should be associated with the DynaMed profile.

To set up a proxy definition in EBSCOadmin:

  1. Log in to EBSCOadmin at  

  2. Click the Site/Group Maintenance button.

  3. Click the Go link under the CustomLinks column.

  4. Click the Setup/Maintain Proxies link.

  5. Click the Add New Proxy Definition link. The following fields appear:

    • Proxy ID - Enter an ID for this proxy. This is internal and not visible to DynaMed users.
    • Proxy Name - Enter a name describing what this proxy is for, for example UT ezproxy.
    • Proxy URL Mask - Enter the URL for the proxy server, for example:
    • Proxy IP - Add the IP Address for the proxy server.
    • Proxy Available - Indicate with a Yes or No if you want this available for use with links.
    • Proxy Note - Enter any notes related to the proxy, for example, when created or updated.
  6. Click Submit. Your changes are saved.

Note: You can repeat the above steps to set up multiple proxies.

After adding the proxy, it must be applied to the DynaMed or DynaMed Plus profile.

To enable the proxy for DynaMed or DynaMed Plus (setup in EBSCOadmin):

  1. Select the profile and click the Linking sub-tab. The Linking Screen displays.

  2. Persistent Links - Make your selections in the following fields.

    • Use this Profile for Persistent Links - Indicate that the profile should be used to log a user into DynaMed when a persistent link is followed for the same interface type.

    • Primary Proxy for Persistent Links - Enter the primary proxy for persistent links to DynaMed. This is the first proxy that is tried.

    • Secondary Proxy for Persistent Links - If applicable, enter a secondary proxy for persistent links to DynaMed. In the event of failure of the Primary Proxy, the Secondary Proxy is used.

    • Include scope information on persistent links - Select On to automatically include scope=site on a persistent link. The patron will have full access to DynaMed from the article.