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DynaMed General Questions and Answers

What is the difference between DynaMed Mobile and DynaMed via desktop?

DynaMed Mobile is exactly the same in usability and content as DynaMed via a desktop system. When using DynaMed via a desktop system, it is accessing content directly from the DynaMed website, which is updated on a daily basis. You should be aware that content on the mobile device is only updated when you request the update from the mobile device.

How often is DynaMed content updated?

Content on the DynaMed website is updated daily. The DynaMed Mobile download file is updated weekly.

Who contributes to DynaMed and what are their qualifications?

You can view all DynaMed content and editorial policies in the following location:

Can I still use DynaMed Mobile if I change devices?

Yes, click HERE to view a FAQ that links to information on how to access DynaMed via mobile devices.

How can I link out to my individual PubMed account from DynaMed?
  1. Log in to PubMed using your account information. This places the PubMed cookie on your computer.
  2. Log in to DynaMed. When you click the generic PubMed links, you will be directed to your PubMed account.