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Accessing related search results from additional EBSCO databases in DynaMed

Organizations who subscribe to additional EBSCO medical full text databases have the option to provide access to search results from those databases directly from DynaMed. When this option is configured, results related to search terms from those resources will appear in the right column of the result list.

To view related search results:

  1. Enter your search terms and click Search or press the Enter key.

    A result list is displayed with related search results from other EBSCO databases in the right column.

    related medical information - result list

  2. Select the topic you would like to view or click the Find More option to see more search results for a specific database.

  3. The topic is displayed in DynaMed.

    related medical information - article

  4. Select the Result List link to return back to the main result list screen


Compatible Databases

The following databases are compatible with the Related Medical Information feature in DynaMed:

Full Database Name Short Database Name
CINAHL with Full Text c8h
CINAHL Plus with Full Text rzh
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews chh
Medline with Full Text mnh
Nursing Reference Center with PERC npr
Nursing Reference Center nrc
Patient Education Reference Center perc
Rehabilitation Reference Center rrc

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