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Using persistent links in DynaMed

DynaMed offers persistent links to topics, searches, and browse categories. You can use persistent links to share DynaMed topics or searches with your colleagues. Simply copy and paste the persistent link into an e-mail, a web page that you have created, or into your EMR application.

To view a persistent link:

  1. Click the persistent link icon to the left of the Text Size icons.

    persistent link to a search

    Note: In a DynaMed topic, the persistent link icon is available in the tool bar on the right side of the screen.

  2. The persistent link to the page (or the search) is displayed in a pop-up box.

  3. Click in this field, and the link text is highlighted. Right-click with your mouse and select Copy.

  4. To close the persistent link drop-down field, click the X in the right-hand corner.

  5. You can paste the persistent link URL into an e-mail, a Web page you are creating, or an electronic record.

    Note: Only authorized users will be able to access the article.