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How do I create a persistent link to a DynaMed summary that will automatically open a specific section header?

Users can append a persistent link to a DynaMed record with code that will link to the record and open a specific section header.

To append a DynaMed persistent link:

  1. Find a Condition or Drug record in DynaMed.
  2. Click on the persistent link iconPersistent Link Iconin the upper right-hand corner to display the persistent link to the current record.
  3. Copy the link and paste it into a blank document or anywhere you can edit the link.
  4. Append the link with the following: &expand=
  5. After &expand=, add a section header code from the list of codes included below. 

For example, the following appended URL would bring users to the DynaMed summary for the drug Abatacept with the Dosage and Administration section opened:

Drug Summaries:

  • GenInfo
  • Uses-and-Efficacy
  • DosageAdmin
  • Contraindications-Precautions-and-Adverse-Effects
  • Interactions
  • Mechanism-of-Action-Pharmacokinetics
  • Stability
  • Preparations
  • PatientInfo
  • Guidelines-and-Resources
  • References

Disease Summaries:

  • Related-Summaries
  • General-Information
  • Causes-and-Risk-Factors
  • Complications-and-Associated-Conditions
  • History-and-Physical
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Prognosis
  • Prevention-and-Screening
  • Quality-Improvement
  • Guidelines-and-Resources
  • Patient-Information
  • ICD-9-ICD-10-Codes
  • References