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How do I collapse the sections of a DynaMed Topic?

Collapsible sections contain additional information that you may not want to read through while viewing a DynaMed summary document. Collapsible sections are identified by the presence of a blue triangle to the left of the section heading title. To view the information in a collapsed section, do any of the following to expand the section:

  • Click the blue triangle image located to the left of the section heading title.
  • Click the hyperlinked section heading title.
  • Click the plus icon (+) next to a section heading in the column on the left and then click a sub-heading to view the information.


  • When a section is expanded, clicking either the blue triangle or the section heading title closes the section.

  • To open all the sections simultaneously, click the Expand All link located above the topic summary. To close all sections simultaneously, click the Collapse All link.