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Searching in DynaMed

To perform a basic search in DynaMed:

  1. Enter your search term(s). Click the Search button or press the Enter key. DynaMed displays a Result List. The topics in the Result List are ordered by relevance, based on the term you entered. Note that the term(s) might not exist in the topic title.

  2. Click a DynaMed title to view the topic.

For Example

  1. Enter the term (or select from autocomplete list) Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) and then click the Search button.

    DynaMed displays a Result List that lists the most relevant topics at the top; in this case, the Result List looks similar to the following:

    searching dynamed

  2. Hover your pointer over a topic title or click the arrow icon arrow icon to preview the available sections in the column on the right.

    searching dynamed

  3. Click the title to display the full DynaMed topic.

DynaMed Persistent Links

Whenever the persistent link iconpersistent link iconappears on a screen, you can copy and paste the persistent link into an e-mail, a Web page that you have created, or into your EMR application.