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What are the EBSCOhost Full Text Links that appear in some DynaMed topics?

Some DynaMed topics contain links to supporting articles. Clicking these links displays an article abstract or full text via an online medical journal resource.

If your institution subscribes to specific EBSCO databases, additional links might appear in DynaMed topic summaries. EBSCOhost full text links appear when the full text of a cited article is available via an EBSCOhost database to which your institution subscribes. EBSCOhost full text links appear in DynaMed topic summaries when all of the following are true:

  • The full text of an article cited in DynaMed exists in an EBSCO database accessible by DynaMed

  • Your institution subscribes to the DynaMed-supported EBSCO database in which the full text resides. 

  • Your EBSCOhost interface profile and DynaMed interface profile belong to the same EBSCOadmin Group. For more information on EBSCOadmin requirements to use EBSCOhost Full Text links in DynaMed, click here.  

Clicking an EBSCOhost Full Text link in DynaMed launches a new browser window displaying the full text of the article according to the following rules:

full text in dynamed table


  • If full text exists both in an EBSCO database and via a free online journal resource, two separate full text links (to the same content) appear in DynaMed. The EBSCOhost full text link always appears immediately to the right of the citation.

  • Standard EBSCOhost authentication rules apply. If an EBSCOhost cookie does not exist on the computer in use, you are prompted to supply EBSCOhost login credentials prior to viewing the EBSCOhost full text.

  • If you link out to a PubMed citation you can continue to add PubMed LinkOuts (via the PubMed Submission utility) to access linkable EBSCOhost full text and linkable EJS content. PubMed LinkOuts to other non-EBSCOhost journal content can be added as well.

  • Clicking the EBSCO database name link at the top of the EBSCOhost full text record opens a new browser window initializing an EBSCOhost session accessing that database.