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DynaMed - The Topic Page

Most DynaMed topics are organized into standard sections to allow easy navigation. These sections vary depending on whether the topic is a disease or drug related.

The DynaMed Disease topic summary sections are:

General Information Prognosis
Causes and Risk Factors Prevention and Screening
Complications and Associated Conditions Quality Improvement
History and Physical Guidelines and Resources                      
Diagnosis Patient Information
Treatment ICD-9/ICD-10 Codes


The DynaMed AHFS Drug topic summary sections are:

Warnings (if applicable) Mechanism of Actions/Pharmacokinetics
General Information Stability and Compatibility
Uses and Efficacy Preparations
Dosage and Administration Patient Information
Cautions and Adverse Effects References
Interactions Acknowledgements

Upon opening a DynaMed Disease topic summary, all sections are collapsed (not viewable) by default. When opening a DynaMed AHFS topic, the Warning section is expanded (viewable) by default. To view the information in a collapsed section, click any of the following to expand the section:

  • Click the blue triangle image located to the left of the section heading title.
  • Click the hyperlinked section heading title.
  • Click the plus-icon (+) next to a section heading in the column on the left and then click a sub-heading to view the information.

topic summary screen

To open all the sections simultaneously, use the Expand All link located above the topic. To close all sections simultaneously, use the Collapse All link.

You can use the scroll bar, arrow keys, or Page Up / Page Down buttons to navigate the topic page. Depending on your web browser, you might be able to use CTRL-Home and CTRL-End to jump to the beginning and end of a topic.