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How do I install and authenticate the DynaMed app on my mobile device?

Introducing the new DynaMed mobile app. Now it’s easier and faster to get the information you need on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Android device.

The FAQs on this page detail how to install and authenticate the DynaMed app. For information on how to use the app after you've installed it, please see: Using the DynaMed app - FAQs .


Q. What are the mobile device requirements for the DynaMed app?

The DynaMed App for Apple iOS devices requires:

  • Any iPhone® or iPad® or iPod touch® running iOS 7.0 or higher
  • Requires at least 500MB of memory

The DynaMed App for Android devices requires:

  • Any Android device running Android 2.4 or higher
  • Requires at least 500MB of memory


Q. How do I download and authenticate the app on my device?

To use the DynaMed app, you must first download it from the iTunes or Google Play app store and then authenticate it from within the DynaMed interface before being able to use it.

Note: The new DynaMed app features a simpler way to authenticate your device and no longer requires you to contact Tech Support for a serial number.

To download and authenticate the DynaMed app:

  1. Download the free DynaMed app from the iTunes App store/Google Play

  2. Access DynaMed from your institution (hospital, library, etc.) or as an individual subscriber.

  3. Click on the Mobile link in the DynaMed toolbar at the top of the screen.

    dynamed mobile link

  4. Enter your e-mail address and click Send.

    email address field

    An authentication link is e-mailed to you.

  5. Open the e-mail from your mobile device and tap the authentication link to authenticate the app.

    Note: If you do not tap the authentication link in the e-mail within 48 hours you will need to request a new authentication key from within DynaMed.

  6. The DynaMed App opens on your device and begins the initial content download.

    Note: It is recommended that you are on a Wi-Fi connection for the initial download of DynaMed content as well as when updates become available.


Q. Can I install the DynaMed app on multiple devices?

Yes. When you e-mail yourself an authentication link from within DynaMed, you can use that link to authenticate the app on up to three devices. If you would like to authenticate more than three devices, send yourself another authentication link from within DynaMed for the additional devices.

Note: Open the e-mail from the mobile device you wish to authenticate and tap the authentication link to authenticate the app.


Q. Can I use the DynaMed app offline?

After installing the app and downloading the DynaMed content, the app can be used offline without a wireless signal. A wireless signal is required to perform updates to the DynaMed content when updates become available.


Q. Does the DynaMed app authentication expire?

After you authenticate the app by clicking the link in the your email, your authentication is valid for 12 months.

When your authentication expires, you can send yourself another link from within the DynaMed interface to authenticate the app for another 12 months.


Q. Do I have to uninstall the Skyscape or Omnio apps before I install the new DynaMed app?

No. If you were using the Skyscape or Omnio apps to access DynaMed on your mobile device, you do not have to uninstall those apps to download/use the new DynaMed app. However, those apps will no longer be updated with the latest DynaMed content, so it is recommended that you install the new DynaMed app.