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Can I set up linking from DynaMed to EBSCOhost?

If your institution subscribes to both DynaMed and other specific EBSCO databases, you can set up linking from DynaMed to the Full Text available on EBSCOhost.  For information on which databases DynaMed accesses for Full Text content, click here.


To enable linking from DynaMed to EBSCOhost:

  1. Log in to EBSCOadmin at

  2. Select the DynaMed Group and Profile.

  3. Click the Customize Services tab, then click the Linking sub-tab.

  4. Locate the SmartLinks to Available EBSCOhost Full Text parameter, and set to Yes.

  5. Click Submit. Your changes are saved.


Additionally, note that you must have an EBSCOhost interface Profile configured in EBSCOadmin. This Profile needs to meet specific requirements. It must:

  • Exist in the same Group your DynaMed Profile.

  • Contain all the full-text databases supported DynaMed that your institution has licensed.

  • Be the first Profile listed on the EBSCOadmin Profile Maintenance screen. If it is not, use the Reorder Profiles link to modify the Profile list order.

  • Be the only Profile assigned as '1' in the Profile list.

  • Have the Linking Tab - Use this Profile for Persistent Links option enabled. (Note: This parameter is turned ON by default.)