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What is DynaMed via EBSCO Integration Toolkit (EIT)?

DynaMed via EIT (EBSCOhost Integration Toolkit) provides a web services delivery of DynaMed that can be easily integrated with all Electronic Health Records (EHR), Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and other patient record applications.

The EBSCOhost Integration Toolkit (EIT) helps clinicians and nurses rapidly select topics from an EHR/EMR and retrieve the contextually relevant, evidence-based record from DynaMed. EMR/EHR resources are designed around the clinical and nursing workflow which results in rapid reading at the point of care, empowering decision makers by providing them with the most current information at their fingertips.

The EBSCOhost Integration Toolkit (EIT) dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of custom integration for hospital IT departments. An industry standard Infobutton allows easy integration from the EHR to the appropriate DynaMed record.

For customers of any online EHR/EMR vendor, the EBSCOhost Integration Toolkit provides a comprehensive set of flexible web services based on XML/SOAP standards for establishing direct links from their EHR/EMRs to applicable clinical reference resources from EBSCO. This delivery offering provides customers with multiple integration methods allowing them to submit customized and contextually-based search and retrieval requests as well as to tailor the format of the retrieved XML content to suit the needs of their users and internal Web sites or applications.

Approximately 200 updates are made to the DynaMed content on a daily basis. Details on the DynaMed content workflow process can be found at the following web site:

Technical features included in the EIT are:

  • Real-time web service SOAP APIs, HTTP APIs supporting all standard operations and simple URL-based parameters
  • FTP data delivery
  • Support of the z39.50 protocol based on NISO standards
  • Sophisticated user and search reporting including automated reports
  • IP, Username and Password and Referring URL authentication mechanisms
  • Support of multiple industry vocabularies including MeSH, CINAHL, ICD9, ICD10 and SNOWMED
  • Support of the emerging HL7 InfoButton Standards
  • Free Partner Portal which includes comprehensive documentation, support and plug and play sample applications.