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DynaMed - Customization Options in EBSCOadmin Help Sheet

EBSCOadmin allows DynaMed administrators to customize several features of the DynaMed interface. This guide features several customization options that are unique to the DynaMed interface.

To learn more about the features available within EBSCOadmin, including authentication and reporting functions, please see:
EBSCOadmin User Guide

Accessing EBSCOadmin

Access EBSCOadmin at:

admin login screen

  • Administrators have 5 tries to access their password and then it will automatically expire.
  • A password can be reset by selecting the link “Forgot your Password?” or contacting Tech Support.
A brief overview of EBSCOadmin

ebscoadmin overview

  • EBSCOadmin Security allows you to set up additional administrators and add email addresses for administrators.
  • Overview of the main tabs:
    • Customize Services: Used for customizing your users’ DynaMed experience.
    • Authentication: Used for setting up user authentication options.
    • Local Collections: Used for linking to full text in other resources.
    • Reports & Statistics: Used for getting usage statistics in HTML, Comma Delimited, and Tab Delimited formats.
  • Detailed tutorials are available from the EBSCO Support Site at
  • Click the View Changes on EBSCO link to see your changes live in DynaMed.
  • Choose Profile: DynaMed
    • Key profile settings will continue to be supported, such as CME and SoS (Search other Services)
    • Many new profile settings are available:
      • Related Medical Information (RMI)
      • Show PERC results on Detailed Record
      • Show SoS results (Search Other Services) on Detailed Record
      • Branding
The Customize Services Tab

A brief overview of each sub-tab in the Customize Services Tab and its functionality:

Searching sub-tab
searching sub-tab
  • Default Keyword Search Screen
    • New Values: Search, AtoZ Browse, Category Browse
    • New Default: Search
  • Customer defaults for the following settings will be retained
    • Offer CME via DynaMed
    • Select CME Method
    • URL for CME Form
    • Email Address for CME Administrator
Databases sub-tab
databases sub-tab

Organizations who subscribe to select additional EBSCO medical full text databases have the option to provide access to search results from those databases directly from DynaMed.

  • When adding databases to a DynaMed profile, they are configured as Related Medical Information sources that appear in the right column of the DynaMed results page.
  • EBSCO databases available for this feature are:
    • MEDLINE w/ FT
    • Patient Education Reference Center
    • Cochrane
    • Rehabilitation Reference Center
    • Nursing Reference Center
    • Nursing Reference Center w/ PERC
    • CINAHL w/ Full Text
    • CINAHL Plus w/ Full Text
    • CINAHL Complete
  • DynaMed (dme) will be treated as a main database in a DynaMed profile
Viewing Results sub-tab
viewing results sub-tab
  • Number Of Results Per Page - Defines the default number of items that are displayed on a page of search results for a user in this profile. The default is 50.

  • Clear Find Field after Searching - Indicate whether or not you would like the Find field automatically cleared after executing a search. (This is a popular feature with Medical librarians.) Default is No.

  • Show Search Other Services on Detailed Record - Set to Yes to display related results for Search Other Services options within DynaMed Topics. (Only displays if Search Other Services is configured.)

  • Show Patient Education Research Center on Detailed Record - Set to Yes to display related results from Patient Education Reference Center within a DynaMed Topic. (Only displays if you have a subscription to Patient Education Reference Center and if it’s configured as a Related Medical Information (RMI) resource – see below for more information on configuring RMI).

  • Related Medical Information - Set which databases to show and set/modify the display order the databases should appear.

related medical information screen

If Related Medical Information (RMI) databases are set up:

Order – Use this option to set the order in which the databases should appear in the right column of the DynaMed Results page.

Show – Check the box for each database from which you would like results to display in the right column of the DynaMed Results page.

Linking sub-tab
linking sub-tab

EBSCOadmin screen:
search other services in ebscoadmin

Search Other Services as it appears on the DynaMed interface
search other services on dynamed
  • SetUp/Maintain Proxies: Customers can set up a proxy server for their DynaMed subscription

  • Search Other Services: Add links to other resources by clicking Modify next to the Select other Services Links. Then click View Changes in EBSCO to see results.

  • PubMed Linkout: Customers can configure a linkout to their customized PubMed account. They will enter their PubMed Institution Name in the field provided and click Submit. Note: Be sure they include “holding=” with their name abbreviation. (e.g. “holding=ebscopublib”)

    pubmed linkout setting

Delivery Options sub-tab
delivery options sub-tab
  • Add email address of library or a point of reference. This is a great opportunity to promote resource.

  • Maximum number of records to print/email/save default is 50.

Branding sub-tab
branding sub-tab

Branding example:
branding example on dynamed

  • Display Top Right Branding image – Enter the URL to your library's logo, which will appear on the top right of DynaMed. The maximum size of an icon or image is 180 pixels wide x 70 pixels high.


  • Display Top Right Branding Text – If you are not displaying a library logo, you can enter the library name to appear as static text.

  • Top Right Branding Hyperlink – Enter the URL to the library’s home page. When users click this link, they will exit DynaMed and return to your library’s web page

  • For more detailed information about EBSCOadmin, sign up for one of our online classes at:  

    • EBSCOadmin Basics
    • EBSCOadmin Advanced
    • DynaMed EBSCOadmin