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Enabling the Core Collections Complete interface in EBSCOadmin

Subscribers to the Core Collections database 5-pack have access to a custom interface called Core Collections Complete. This interface enables you to browse your Core Collections databases by category, such as genre or age-level. The interface also features a carousel of recent additions, updated by collection development librarians on a weekly basis.

To enable access to the Core Collections Complete interface, you will need to log in to your EBSCOadmin account and follow the steps below. If you need a username and password to access your EBSCOadmin account, or would like assistance in setting up your new Core Collections Complete profile, please contact Customer Support.

First, you will need to create a new Core Collections Complete profile.

  1. From the Customize Services sub-toolbar, select the group from the Current Group drop-down list with which the new profile will be associated.

  2. Click the Profile Maintenance link.


  3. Click the Add a New Profile link.


  4. Enter the Profile ID (ccc) and Description (Core Collections Complete).

  5. Select the interface, default language, and style for the profile. Click Submit.


  6. Click the Back to Customize Services link.

Next, you will need to add Core Collections databases to your new profile.

  1. From the Choose Profile drop-down list, select the Core Collections Complete profile.

  2. Click the Databases sub-tab. The Databases Screen displays.

  3. In the Enable Column, select the On radio button for each Core Collections database you subscribe to.  Note: You may enable only Core Collections databases for this interface.


  4. Click Submit. Your changes have been saved.

You may now point to your new Core Collections Complete profile by using this embedded URL: