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Consumer Health Complete - Searching from the Home Page

To conduct a Basic Search from the Home Page:

  1. From the Home Page, enter your search terms in the Find field.

    chc homepage

  2.  Click Search. A Result List is displayed.

    The default Result List source-type tab is Evidence-Based Reports. If Evidence Based Reports are not available for the terms searched, the All Results tab is displayed. To view a specific source type (e.g., only Fact Sheets & Pamphlets), click the source-type tab.   

    chc search results

    The search terms are retained in the Find field above the Result List. The Result List is sorted by "source type"--for example, Health Encyclopedias, Reference Books, etc. To view a different source type, click the appropriate tab.

    • If you click the Consumer Health Complete logo, you are returned to the Home Page with all your search terms cleared.

    • If you click the Refine Search link, you are returned to the Home Page with your search terms remembered.

    • If you click the Advanced Search link, you are taken to the Advanced Search Screen with your search terms carried forward.

Additional Features

  • The Quick Find feature provides easy access health reports on common diseases, conditions, and injuries.

  • The Browse Popular Sources feature offers browsing and searching of medical encyclopedias and health-related reference books.

  • The Search by Topic feature provides the ability to search and/or within the database by topic.