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Consumer Health Complete - Quick Find

The Quick Find feature on the Home Page provides easy access health reports on common diseases, conditions, and injuries.

To use Quick Find:

  1. From the Home Page, click any of the A - Z links.

    quick find box on home screen

  2. A list of available Conditions & Procedures is displayed.

    chc list of available conditions & procedures

  3. Click any of the linked results. The article detail is displayed.

    detail record

Related Information

Additional information related to the condition is available from the Related Information section of the screen.

To view information related to a condition:

  1. Click any of the links in the Related Information area. You can click on a specific source type--for example, you could click News.

    related information box
  2. The Result List will display articles about the condition from the selected source type. If other sources are available, (for example, News) you can click on the source type tab and view additional results.

    result list