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Consumer Health Complete Videos - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Videos and Animations source type in Consumer Health Complete?

The Consumer Health Complete (CHC) Videos and Animations are a collection of hundreds of high-quality medical animations and videos. The animations help patients understand diagnostics and surgical procedures. The videos provide valuable information about common diseases, conditions, and procedures. Included with each video is a full HTML transcript of the video dialogue.

Videos & Animations content is accessible in CHC via the following methods:

  • Keyword search from the CHC Home Page
  • Advanced Search
  • Source type search from the Videos & Animations Source Type option on the CHC Home Page

To view the videos and animations, either Windows Media Player®  or RealPlayer® must be installed on the computer from which you are accessing CHC.

The Videos & Animations feature is enabled by default, but can be disabled in EBSCOadmin by the library administrator. Click here for information on how to disable the Videos & Animations feature.


Q. Why am I unable to view the videos in Consumer Health Complete?

To display the videos in Consumer Health Complete (CHC), your computer must have one of the following media players installed:

  • Windows Media Player®
  • RealPlayer® 

Note: RealPlayer is required to view CHC videos on MAC systems.

Upgrading your media player to the latest version can clear up most video and audio problems that might occur when attempting to view CHC videos. However, you should be aware that other normal issues can arise from poor Internet connectivity or high network traffic.

  • To upgrade Windows Media Player, click here to visit the Windows Media Download Center.
  • To upgrade RealPlayer, click here to visit the RealPlayer download page.

Note: if you access CHC using different browsers you will have to download and install the player using each browser. For example, if you download and install a player for Internet Explorer, you will also have to download and install it for Firefox .

General Troubleshooting Tips

  • Ensure that JavaScript / scripting is enabled for your browser.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer, your Security setting must be configured to Medium or lower.
  • If you are unable to upgrade your player, click OK when RealPlayer or Windows Media Player prompts you to download files needed to play the media. Generally speaking, accepting and installing these files allows you to play the media files and allow you to keep the current version of your media player.
  • Depending on the setup of your system, you might not be prompted for a download. If you do not receive a prompt to install the updated codecs, you must upgrade the player or you will not be able to play the video files.
  • If you experience video problems such as green or pink lines appearing on the video, flickering or choppy video, the video stops when playing, etc. - check for updates to your graphics adapter driver software (via the graphics adapter manufacturer) and/or Microsoft DirectX® (via the Windows Update Page).
  • If video problems persist - turn down or turn off video acceleration. To modify video acceleration settings in Windows Media Player 9 Series or later: 
    1. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Performance tab. 
    2. In the Video acceleration area, adjust the slider to turn down or turn off video acceleration.

For more information about resolving video issues, refer to the online Help for your player.


Q. Why might Consumer Health Complete video content be blocked?


If your computer is protected by a firewall, it might block the display of the Consumer Health Complete (CHC) videos. If you receive a message indicating that CHC video content has been blocked, configure your firewall to allow full access to the IP range from which the CHC videos originate: - 234

You may also need to allow add the following URL to your firewall as an allowed source:

For more information on EBSCO products and firewalls, click here.


Q. How can I turn off Videos on Consumer Heath Complete?

If you do not want the Videos source type to be available in Consumer Health Complete (CHC), complete the following steps.

To turn off videos on Consumer Health Complete:

  1. Log in to EBSCOadmin at
  2. From the Customized Services Tab, click the Viewing Results Sub-Tab.
  3. In the Allow Viewing of Video Results field, set the radio button to No.
  4. Click Submit. Your changes are saved.