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How to complete a CINAHL continuing education course through your institution's Learning Management System

This page describes how to access CINAHL Continuing Education Modules through your institution's Learning Management System. Please consult your institution's administrator if you need more information about your LMS or login credentials for access.

Please note, a CINAHL account is required to take our courses. This account is different from any other account that you may have been given. Your portal, EBSCO, or other login credentials will not work.

If you already have a CINAHL account, please continue to the Navigating a Course section of this page.

If you are an administrator and would like to learn how to install CINAHL course packages to your Learning Management System, please see: How to download and install CINAHL course packages to your Learning Management System

Create a CINAHL account
  1. Visit the CE website at

  2. Click on the Registration link

    click register link
  3. Fill in the registration form.

    registration form

  4. Click the Register button to submit the form.


Activate your CINAHL Account

After submitting the form, you will see a message about an email being sent to the email address you provided for the LMS Administrator. You will need to find that email to activate your account.

Since email access will vary between different organizations, you may want to contact your local technical support staff for assistance.

  1. From within the email message, click on the first To begin link.

    click link in an email

    You will be taken to a product selection page.

  2. The account creation is complete and you may logout by clicking on the Logout link and proceed with the remaining instructions.


Navigating a Course


  • You will need to consult your documentation, training, or educator for information on how to access CINAHL continuing education courses that have been installed on your learning management system.

  • If during the registration process you were lead away from the course in your LMS, please navigate back to the course. You may then proceed with the remaining instructions.

  • Please keep in mind that the screenshots are meant to represent a general view. What you see may not be identical to what is shown in the screenshot.

To navigate a course:

  1. Log in using your CINAHL account If you are prompted to do so.

    log in with CINAHL account screen
  2. Select the product relevant to your course, if prompted.

    select product relevant to your course
  3. Click on the Click here to Accept and Continue link near the bottom of the page after reviewing the disclaimer for the course.

  4. Read the course introduction for information about passing the course and click the Click here link near the bottom of the page.

  5. Once you have navigated passed the disclaimer and introduction, you may review the course materials.

  6. When you are finished reviewing the course materials, navigate to the accompanying interactive review or competency test using the menu near the top.

    review and tests links in top toolbar

    The interactive review allows you to review your knowledgeable before committing to the final test. Answers you provide here do not affect your score, and can be changed at any time.


Taking the Test

To begin the final test:

  1. Click the Take Test button near the top of the page.

  2. Complete the required fields shown in red in your profile (if you are shown your profile as a form) and Submit the completed form to continue to the test.

    required fields to be filled in

    You will be shown information about the test, such as how many attempts you have left and how much time is allowed.

  3. Click Yes, I am ready to begin the test.

    You will be presented with a list of test questions. You may also be presented with a list of evaluation questions after the test questions.

    test questions
  4. Click the Done button near the bottom of the page once you are ready to submit the test.

    When you successfully pass the test, you will be presented with the option of reviewing your test answers and downloading your official certificate

  5. Click the Return to LMS button near the top of the page to return to your LMS.

    return to LMS button