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CINAHL Case Scenario #6 - Meditation and Cancer Patients

CINAHL Search: Clinical Case Scenarios

#6 - meditation and cancer patients

You run a cancer support group. The patients in the group are taking their medication but feel well enough to try some kind of alternative therapy in addition to their daily tablets. One of the group mentions that they might be interested in some kind of meditation and you as the lead have been tasked with finding some more information for them. You want to find information that you understand and then you will feedback to the group.

Find articles that give an overview about various meditation therapies in relation to cancer patients.


  • Meditation as a CINAHL Heading. Select Major
  • Cancer patients as a CINAHL Heading
  • Use AND to combine the two terms

You may wish to fine tune your search to the following:

  • Select Revise your search. In the Publication type drop down box select Systematic Review.

Have a look through the results list.

You might find the following article useful:

Mindfulness-based stress reduction as supportive therapy in cancer care: systematic review. Smith JE; Richardson J; Hoffman C; Pilkington K; Journal of Advanced Nursing, 2005 Nov; 52 (3): 315-27

Click on Times Cited in this Database to see who has quoted this article. The article below may provide an update alternative even though it does not mention cancer patients specifically.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction: a literature review and clinician's guide. Praissman S; Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 2008 Apr; 20 (4): 212-6