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CINAHL Case Scenario #5 - Measuring Hearing Aid Compliance

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#5 - measuring hearing aid compliance

Following some home visits the audiologist is concerned that a number of people recently fitted with hearing aids are not wearing them. The audiologist would like to find some information about how to identify people that might have low confidence or need extra support with their hearing aids.

Find articles about self efficacy in relation to hearing aids.


  • Hearing aids as a CINAHL Heading. Select Explode
  • Self efficacy as a CINAHL Heading. Select Major
  • Use AND to combine the two terms

Have a look through the results list.

You might find the following article useful:

Development of a hearing aid self-efficacy questionnaire. West RL; Smith SL; International Journal of Audiology, 2007 Dec; 46 (12): 759-71