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CINAHL Case Scenario #4 - Pain Measurement in Dementia and Elderly

CINAHL Search: Clinical Case Scenarios

#4 - pain measurement in dementia and elderly

A nurse, working in a residential home with the elderly is completing a college assignment. The nurse needs to find some good quality articles about measuring pain in people with dementia who find it difficult to communicate.

Find research articles about pain measurement in dementia in the elderly.


  • Dementia as a CINAHL Heading. Select Explode
  • Pain measurement as a CINAHL Heading
  • Use AND to combine the two terms

You may wish to fine tune your search to the following:

  • Select Revise your search. From limit your results tick the Research article box and from the Age Groups drop down box select Aged, 65+ years.

Have a look through the results list.

The following article might be useful:

The Abbey pain scale: a 1-minute numerical indicator for people with end stage dementia. Abbey J; Piller N; De Bellis A; Esterman A; Parker D; Giles L; Lowcay B; International Journal of Palliative Nursing, 2004 Jan; 10 (1): 6, 8-13

You will notice that this article has Cited References and Times Cited in this Database listed underneath the record.

Cited References is a quick way of looking at the reference list for the article.

Times Cited in this Database is a good way to see where the article has been quoted since it was published.

If you click on either of these links, records underlined in blue will have a full bibliographic record in CINAHL and Full Text links if available. Records in black do not have a bibliographic record in CINAHL but there may still be links to full text if available.