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CINAHL Case Scenario #3 - Treatment Overview for Hemiplegia

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#3 - treatment overview for hemiplegia

A physical therapist is working with a patient who has got cerebral palsy and paralysis on one side of their body (hemiplegia). The physical therapist has heard about a therapy that could be used whereby the unaffected side is restrained and wants to find out more information about it.

Find information about constraint-induced movement therapy when used for treating hemiplegia.


  • Constraint-Induced Therapy as a CINAHL Heading.
  • Hemiplegia as a CINAHL Heading
  • Use AND to combine the two terms

You may wish to fine tune your search to the following:

  • Select Revise your search. In the Publication type, choose Review.

Have a look through the results list.

If you have a subscription to CINAHL with Full Text you might find the following articles useful:

Revisiting constraint-induced movement therapy: are we too smitten with the mitten? Is all nonuse "learned"? And other quandaries. Wolf SL, Physical Therapy, 2007 Sep; 87 (9): 1212-23

CI therapy distribution: theory, evidence and practice. Sterr A; Saunders A, NeuroRehabilitation, 2006; 21 (2): 97-105