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CINAHL Case Scenario #2 - Work Related Stress

CINAHL Search: Clinical Case Scenarios

#2 - work related stress

A nurse manager is worried about her staff. She wants to know if the hours that they are working affect their physical and / or mental health.

Find evidence that working shifts can be detrimental to the health of nursing staff.


  • Nurses as a CINAHL Heading. Select Explode and Major
  • Shiftwork as a CINAHL Heading
  • Occupational stress as a CINAHL Heading. Select Explode
  • Use AND to combine the three terms

You may wish to fine tune your search to the following:

  • Select Revise your search. From limit your results tick the Peer Reviewed box

Have a look through the results list.

If you have a subscription to CINAHL with Full Text you might find the following article useful:

Winwood PC; Winefield AH; Lushington K 2006 Work-related fatigue and recovery: the contribution of age, domestic responsibilities and shiftwork. Journal of Advanced Nursing, Nov; 56 (4): 438-49