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CINAHL Case Scenario #1 - Rating Touch

CINAHL Search: Clinical Case Scenarios

#1 - rating touch

An occupational therapist comes to see you looking for a scale that measures touch in patients who have had accidents affecting their central nervous system and are in the process of returning to work. The occupational therapist gives you the keyword stereognosis.

Find information about any scales that are available to test fingertip touch in patients?

Points to note:

  • You look up the definition of stereognosis and realize that whilst it relates to hands it could also relate to mouth.


  • Touch as a CINAHL Heading
  • Instrument Validation as a CINAHL Heading
  • Clinical Assessment Tools as a CINAHL Heading. Select Explode and choose the subheading Evaluation
  • Use OR to combine Instrument Validation and Clinical Assessment Tools+/EV
  • Combine Touch using AND with the results from the combination above

You may wish to fine tune your search to the following:

  • Select Revise your search. From limit your results choose the language English and Journal Subset Allied Health

Have a look through the results list.

If you have a subscription to CINAHL with Full Text you might find the following article useful:

Gaubert CS; Mockett SP 2000 Inter-rater reliability of the Nottingham method of stereognosis assessment. Clinical Rehabilitation, Apr; 14(2): 153-9