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Best Practices for Adoption of CINAHL

The keys to widespread adoption of CINAHL are demonstrated support by librarians and/or nursing staff leaders, knowledge of how to access the resource, communication, and training.

  • Become familiar with the CINAHL Support Center. It contains downloadable and customizable Help Sheets, User Guides, Promotional Materials, links to flash tutorials, and many other useful resources.

  • “Turn On” CINAHL and include it on a library web page, or intranet site. You can work with the EBSCO Technical Support Team to accomplish this. There should be easy and intuitive navigation which is consistent with other electronic resources.

  • Announce availability of CINAHL using email, newsletters, and posters. A high level of awareness drives early adoption and usage.

    • Include information on how to access the CINAHL database.

    • Include links to CINAHL flash tutorials and/or a schedule of CINAHL training times and locations.

  • Formal Training Times and Locations:

    • Training is best accomplished in a classroom or computer lab setting, where hands-on practice is available. Lunch-n-learn format is often a great way to increase attendance, or offer snacks or cookies as an incentive to attend.

    • Note: Webinars or on-site training sessions by EBSCO staff are available and encouraged. There is no fee and participants can register individually. See

  • Make sure all potential database users know who to contact with any questions or suggestions. (EBSCOhost does have a feature called “Ask a Librarian” which can be enabled via ADMIN and provides users with an easy method to ask questions.)

  • Think about how new employees or staff will learn about the CINAHL resource. Make plans to include handouts in new employee packets or student orientations, or contact through email.