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Basic Search on Business Searching Interface

On the Business Searching Interface (BSI), Basic Search provides both the ability to keyword search and a "lookup" feature that lets you search within the Indexes and Authority Files. You can also go directly to screens that let you browse Company Profiles, Industry Reports, Country Reports and Market Research Reports.

To conduct a Basic Keyword Search:

  1. Enter your search terms in the Find field on the Basic Search screen.

    basic search screen

  2. Click the Search Options link, if you would like to use any of the optional Limiters or Expanders. To close the Search Options, click the link again.

  3. Select a specific search mode, such as Find all of my search terms, or SmartText Searching.

  4. Apply Limiters such as Full Text or Publication type; or use search options that expand your search, such as Apply related words.

  5. Click the Search. The Result List displays.

    result list screen

To search an Index or Authority File:

  1. From the Basic Search Screen, enter search terms, select an index other than Keyword from the drop-down menu to the left of the Find field and click Search.


  2. The Index or Authority File you selected is displayed at the closest match to your search terms. If no terms were entered, the Index or Authority File displays at the beginning of the list.

    index searching

  3. Mark terms, add them to the Find field, and click Search. A Result List is displayed. Your search terms are retained in the Find field above the Result List.

To access Browse screens:

  1. From the Basic Search Screen, click on any of the links on the Browse area of the screen. (Company Profiles, Industry Reports, Company Reports or Market Research Reports.)

    browse screens

  2. The corresponding Browse list of available profiles or reports is displayed. You can use the A - Z links or Next | Previous page links to view the list.