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Biography Reference Center - Advanced Search

Biography Reference Center allows you to conduct advanced searches using a single search field. The single search field offers ease of use to expert researchers who have developed more extensive search strategies.

  1. Click the Advanced Search link below the search box.

  2. Enter your search terms on the Advanced Search Screen.

    Advanced Search Screenshot

  3. Select from the available Search Options:

    • Search modes – Use specific search modes, such as “Find all of my search terms,” or “SmartText Searching,” or use search options that expand your search such as “Apply related words.”

    • Limit your results – such as Full Text or Publication type.

  4. Click the Search button. A Result List of names that match your search is displayed. Click on the name for which you would like to view available biographies. You can also choose to view results by source type under the Narrow Results by column on the left.


  5. The biography landing page for the person you have selected is displayed. To view a biography, select from the available Detailed or Concise Biographies or select from Related Articles.

    Detailed Record Screenshot