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Using AutoIQ in Auto Repair Reference Center

AutoIQ can be used to demonstrate the purpose, functionality and service requirements of a given vehicle system. By following clearly defined links to all major vehicle systems, the user can specify the area about which they would like more information. Designed as an interactive learning aid, AutoIQ features:

  • Detailed content
  • Full-motion video
  • Animated technical diagrams

To use AutoIQ:

  1. Click AutoIQ in the top toolbar.

    AutoIQ is displayed in a new window.

  2. Select AutoIQ either With Audio or Without Audio.

    auto IQ

  3. Select an area of the vehicle you would like to view information about in the top selection area.

    auto IQ

  4. Select a topic from the lower selection area. As your hover the mouse over the topics, a glowing circle will indicate the area of the car on the map. 

    auto IQ

  5. Click on a topic to view a description as well as any available video clips, images, or audio clips.

    auto IQ

  6. Click the CLOSE IMAGE or CLOSE VIDEO link to close the pop-up window displaying the image or video.

    auto IQ